wood fuel

log gasification boilers

Log gasification boilers can completely replace any existing fossil fuel method of heating your home. They are either batch fed or batch fired. They are used in conjunction with an appropriate accumulator tank that stores the energy they produce during each burn.

wood fuel

Every property has a heat load. Every property will have a hot water and space heating requirement. Unlike a common gas or oil boiler, log boilers can’t fire and get up to temperature quickly enough to meet the demands of modern living. To do this log boilers have to be used in a different way.

When a log boiler is lit all it wants to do is burn the fuel that it has been loaded with. Sometimes this can take a number of hours. During this burn time the heat that the boiler generates is used to charge up the accumulator tank to a temperature of around 85 degrees centigrade.

The log boiler then dies back into ember preservation mode and generates a very small amount of heat. Mean while the accumulator has been fully charged and it is this that is used as a heat source for the property. The heat from the accumulator is regulated then pumped round the radiator or under floor heating circuit as required. Domestic hot water is passed through a heat exchanger and then blended to tap so giving constant temperature mains pressure hot water.

The heat requirements of space heating and hot water leach heat away from the accumulator tank and it starts to cool down. The log boiler controls know this and can signal the user to re-stoke. With ember preservation it is only necessary to load the logs, the boiler does the rest, no lighting is necessary.

room heater stove

A small room heater stove can often be the easiest and most attractive method of heating your home with wood fuel. They are easy to install into most properties and have the lowest cost of any wood fuel stove. They can be installed in an old open fire place nook or can be installed free standing in a room like the one below. They are a versatile stove with many installation options.
Room heater stove

room heater stove with back boiler (wet stoves)

These stoves are basically a room heater stove that has been installed with a boiler or water jacket that heats primary water. This heat can be given to domestic hot water or to a radiator circuit or both. Wet stoves take basic wood fuel heating to the next level with not only the room that the stove is located in depending on heat but also the hot water cylinder and/or radiator circuit.

Wood burning stoves and boilers are an efficient method of using biomass to heat your home.
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