What we do


General plumbing is the most common part of our business. For example we are commonly asked to replace open vented domestic hot water cylinders with an un-vented equivalent. Un-vented cylinders provide mains pressure hot water to tap so do away with any poor flow issues you may have. They also do away with noisy shower pumps and the large secondary water tank that open vented systems have in the attic.
We undertake all kind of plumbing jobs though from tap repairs to full bathroom installations.


While we originally specialised in stove installations, and still do, the heating side of our business has taken up a major part of our working week. Commonly now, we are asked about air source heat pump (ASHP) installation. ASHP’s work well in a new and well insulated property and also work well with under floor heating (UFH). The low flow temperatures that ASHP’s are designed to provide ultimately mean that they run with the best coefficient of performance (COP). This means that the cost of running a well installed and well sized ASHP on electricity can be equivalent to the cost of running a mains gas boiler.

Why does underfloor heating run such low flow temperatures? UFH pipes are buried within a screed of approx 65mm thick. Your finished flooring is then installed over the top. ASHP’s are designed to provide a flow temperature of approx 35°C in a modern new build. This can be pumped straight through the UFH without having any detrimental effect on floor coverings. UFH can be run with gas or oil boilers, or even solid fuel, but the high flow temperatures from these appliances are blended down by the UFH manifold and then pumped through the UFH.

Tweed Renewables work with Vaillant and their ASHP products to provide our customers with full Micro Generation Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment.

Check out our gallery page for some of our plumbing and heating installs.


Dry and wet room heater stoves are a great addition to any home. Out of all the installs we do, and there’s been a few, we always get the best reaction from our customers when they light them for the first time. Stoves can be free standing, be installed in an existing fireplace neuk or can be built in (inset). We would always recommend that your wet stove (boiler stove) be plumbed to a thermal store. This way you get the benefit of central heating in your home and mains pressure hot water.

Check out our gallery page for some of our stove installs.